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let art transform your business:
gain insights from leading outsiders


IETS empowers a fresh vision

IETS dares to be more original

IETS helps you in finding new ideas

IETS stands for inspiration, innovation

IETS transforms new ideas into successful (business) concepts

IETS is about the essence of creative thinking for the success of your organization

IETS inspires companies and organizations with eyes on developing a creative culture

IETS is a fizzling do and think tank in search of a solution for any thinkable challenge

IETS attracts new customers, explores new markets and generates new sales

IETS is a concept, an idea, a dream, a thought, a fantasy

IETS makes you stand out from the competition

IETS 'ideas never die'

IETS is thinking for you

new ideas are essential for the longevity of your project or organization. success is often just one idea away, creating opportunities to attract new customers, explore new markets, and boost sales.

as a manager, your focus is on daily operations, making it challenging to spot new opportunities. judging the potential of new ideas can be difficult.

make success out of innovation with IETS.

IETS offers a unique approach by integrating the fresh perspectives of artists into the business consultancy realm. artists view the world differently, which can help managers and organizations break free from linear thinking and discover innovative solutions that are not found elsewhere. this creates a unique opportunity in the business consultancy market.

IETS connects brands with artists, helping to facilitate collaborations that lead to unique and effective advertising campaigns. we work closely with both parties to ensure that the creative process is aligned with business goals.

whether you need a facilitator to connect you with artists or a full-service agency to develop concepts, IETS provides tailored solutions to fit your needs.

happy clients: af vandevorst, absolut, baloise, beo, campari, coca cola, collectors club, gent jazz, kiehl’s, l’oréal, oracle, puilaetco, ....





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